VitaPet is more than just a company to work for.

We’re a family, brought together by the belief that life’s just better with a pet. And because they can’t care for themselves, we’re here.

Now, we’re not the kind of family who prods you to clean your room or do the dishes, for pet’s sake. At VitaPet, we treat our pet-lovers with respect.

We’ll challenge you.  At the same time, we’ll make sure sure you land on your paws, professionally and personally.

You’ll know what’s expected of you. You’ll also discover we love for you to go above and beyond, when it comes to pets.

All of this, in a safe, warm, fetching environment.

Because we want you to love working here.

After all, it’s our passionate team of petsperts who’ve brought us to where we are today – and will make sure we’re still helping pet owners 50 years from now, doggone it.

Although there are no open positions at the moment, please check back soon. We’d love to hear from you.


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