The Cafe - Episode 1

VitaPet on The Cafe - Episode 1 Boredom Breakers

It’s all about ‘Busy Mouth, Busy Mind’. Some key tips include:

  • Dog toys or treats can help keep your dog or puppy occupied
  • If you have a young puppy chewing a shoe, replace it with something they are allowed to chew on, such as a chew toy
  • Hide a dog treat in a toy, such as VitaPet Ruff & Tuff, trying to get the treat out of the toy can keep your pet occupied for ages
  • Dog Treats such as the VitaPet Chewz range are great occupy treats. Modern rawhide treats, such as the VitaPet Rawhide Barrels filled with Chicken Liver, can keep your dog busy for a long time as in addition to chewing on the treat they love trying to lick chicken liver paste that’s inside the barrel
  • Make sure occupy treats are the correct size for your dog or puppy.

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