Win a VitaPet Prize Pack

Your chance to win a Personalised VitaPet Prize Pack

We’d like to help you say thank you to your fur buddy for their company over the last few months.

So we're giving away a personalised VitaPet prize pack!

Your choice of either a cat pack or a dog pack - just click here to scroll down to fill in your details below.

For your Feline Friend
  • 2 x VitaPet Cat Toys Crazy Mice Catnip 2pk
  • 2 x VitaPet Catnip Crazy Cat Toys Wand
  • 1 x VitaPet Catnip Crazy Cat Toys 4pk
  • 4 x Evance Flea Treatment for cats
  • 2 x VitaPet Clumping Litter 7L
Or For your Canine Companion
  • 7 x VitaPet Duck Tenders 100g
  • 10 x VitaPet Chicken Sticks 100g
  • 5 x VitaPet Chicken Wrapped Rawhide Sticks
  • 1 x VitaPet Boredom Breaker Giggle Ball
  • 1 x VitaPet Quiet Time
  • 2 x Evance Flea Treatment for dogs


Each Prize Pack is valued at over $200