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Everything you need to give them everything they could want.



Everything you need to give them everything they could want.



You’ve earned your cat’s love the hard way - because there is no easy way. And through all the lap naps, love bites, and lick baths, the connection you share has only gotten better. We know the feeling. It’s why we’re dedicated to giving you all the tips, treats, and treatments to make that connection even stronger.

Our Cat Range

Kitty treats, food, healthcare, accessories - we’ve got everything you need to make them purr for ages.

Vitapet Central

Not everyone speaks meow or woof, but our pet experts come closer to most!

Kitten Vaccination Schedule

This simple kitten vaccination schedule will ensure that your kitten is protected from infectious diseases right up until adulthood.

Microchipping your Kitten or Cat

Microchips are so much more useful than just helping to reunite lost kittens and cats with their owners. Find out the facts on microchipping your kitten or cat.

Kitten Playing and Games

Play and exercise are essential for kittens, not only to physical development but for mental development and stimulation too. Here's our tips to help your kitten play.