Puppy Food

Dry Puppy Food

Dry Puppy Food

Tasty puppy dog food for your tiniest friend

Choosing the right puppy food is crucial for pet owners as it lays the foundation for a lifetime of health and well-being for their furry friends. Whether you've just brought a playful pup into your family or want to transition your current pet to a new diet, look no further than VitaPet’s Dry Puppy Food food.

Our Puppy Dog FoodVitaPet Puppy Food is formulated for small and medium breed puppies from weaning until six to eight months.

Meanwhile, our VitaPet Junior Dog Food is specifically formulated for adolescent dogs and is a 'transition' food from puppy to adulthood. It is designed for:

  • Small-medium breed dogs from six to eight months of age until two years of age and;
  • Large breed dogs from weaning until two years of age.

Learn more about VitaPet’s Dry Puppy Food below, or find it in your local Coles supermarket.

The Puppy Range

Every pet owner wants the best for their furry friend, especially during those crucial early months when a puppy is growing and developing quickly. The right nutrition can make all the difference, setting the stage for a lifetime of health and happiness.

This is where the importance of well-researched and carefully crafted puppy food comes into play!

From omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil, which supports cognitive development, to beta-carotene from sweet potatoes that may aid in healthy vision, every ingredient has a purpose at VitaPet.

We pride ourselves on using real meat as the first ingredient. Our slow-cooked method preserves all the natural goodness of the proteins and fats in the chicken, making it extra tasty for your puppy while giving them all the nutrients required to help your pup grow into a happy, healthy ball of energy!

Plus, we add yucca extract to our recipe, which effectively traps ammonia and reduces the odour from your puppy's stool, making the cleanup process a tad more pleasant for you.

two Labrador puppies in field
Australian shepherd puppy sitting in grass

The Junior Range

Recognising the unique nutritional needs of adolescent dogs and large breed puppies, we've collaborated with our veterinarians to create a “junior” recipe that ensures your puppy has all the nutrients they need to grow big, strong, and healthy. After all, a well-nourished will stand by your side, becoming your loyal companion and best "furrriend" for years to come.

One of the challenges that come with raising adolescent or large-breed puppies is managing their energy levels, especially during growth spurts. Our recipe is designed to provide a balanced energy intake, ensuring your dog stays active and playful (without going over the top).

As large breed puppies and adolescent dogs grow, their joints and bones also undergo rapid development — to support this crucial phase, our recipe includes green-lipped mussels and omega-3 fatty acids sourced from fish oil, promoting joint health and enhancing mobility.

By prioritising joint health from a young age, your dog can move with ease throughout his life, enjoying every adventure that comes his way.

Vet-approved for your puppies health & happiness

One of the standout features of our puppy dog food is the collaboration with veterinarians in its creation.

With their understanding of canine health and nutrition, vets have played a pivotal role in ensuring that our recipe is packed with all the essential nutrients a growing puppy needs!

Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Food Nutrition Profiles for Growth, our dog food/puppy food is a must-have for growing pups.

FAQs about our kibble dog food

Why should I choose kibble over wet food for my puppy?

When it comes to puppy food, dry and wet foods are both legitimate sources of nutrients! It comes down to what your puppy prefers, so long as they get the hydration needed to promote good digestion and health.

When should I transition my puppy from puppy food to the Junior Range?

We recommend transitioning your puppy to adolescent food (i.e. the Junior Range) at around six months old. You can keep small to medium-sized dogs on the Junior Range until two years, whereas large-breed dogs can have the Junior Range from weaning age to two years.