Supercharge your Puppy Training

We have created some super slick and easy to follow training tutorials to help your pup discover their inner super hero.

Simply select the skill level most appropriate for your furry friend, and get to work on those stunts you’ve always wanted to master!

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Super Touch

The cornerstone of every Superhero's bag of tricks! Here, Lara Shannon demonstrates how to teach the touch skill, which is the foundation for all sorts of supersee more



"Up, Up & Away" or "To the Batmobile". What's a Superhero without a good catch-cry? Lara will take us through some easy steps to have your dog bark on cue.



There's a time for bold action and there's a time to for a hasty retreat. Only the best superheroes know the difference! Divina shows how to get your dog tosee more


The Spin Cycle

There's no action shot quite like a superhero spinning their way into costume. Jen takes us through simple training techniques to teach the spin - which alsosee more


Hoop, Hoop & Away

The go to trick for any self-respecting Superhero. Watch your pup fly through the air, sail through a hoop and return to earth with a graceful landing. Jensee more



Dog In a Box

Whether it's for hatching plans, or storing your supersuits, every superhero needs a secret lair! Here Lara shows you how to train your dog to hide inside asee more


Flying Leap

Need to get somewhere in a hurry, or just fancy a super snuggle. With one simple command Divina will show your dog can leap into your arms


Play Dead

It's the oldest trick in the book, but the bad guys always fall for it! Get your pet ready for their next crusade with this simple play dead lesson with Ryan.


Stealth Mode

Whether it's for dodging lasers or sneaking up on bad guys, a superhero needs to learn how to switch on stealth mode. Here, Ryan shows how to train crawlingsee more



Lights, Camera, Action

Any budding superhero needs to be ready for action, night or day. Here Lara will build on the trick "touch" to show how your dog can turn on a light switch



Already mastered the trick retreat? Divina will show you how to take this skill to the next level with this super handstand.



Whether chasing bad guys or running for your life, the elite superhero isn't bothered by walls - they just bounce right off them and keep running! Divina tapssee more


The Ultimate Sidekick

A good crime fighting duo needs to operate in perfect synchronicity. Let Ryan show you how to teach your canine companion the copy walk.