Puppy Treats for Rewarding

Puppy Treats for Rewarding

Puppy Treats for Rewarding

Encourage your pup’s good behaviour with our tasty puppy reward treats!

Puppies have so much energy coursing through their veins, it’s hard to keep their attention for too long. They’re busy exploring the world around them, nibbling fingers and furniture, begging for cuddles and rolling around on the floor… Learning tricks is the last thing on their mind, so you need a little incentive to get them into the training zone.

Whether you’re heading to puppy preschool or learning new tricks at home, our puppy reward treats will help them learn the benefits of work and reward — when they follow commands, they get a tasty treat. Soon enough, your puppy will learn to focus… because there’s a delicious treat at the other end of the “rollover”.

Browse through our collection of puppy reward treats and find us in-store! Our products are available in supermarkets and pet stores across Australia.

Natural high-reward puppy treats for puppy preschool and training

Tuna and salmon treats — Fishy treats aren’t just for our feline friends. Tuna and salmon are just as tasty for puppies and dogs — with a fishy flavour and lots of Omega-3 fatty acids, your puppy will get a silky coat while they’re training.

  • Chicken and duck treats — If you’re looking for a high protein, low-calorie puppy reward treat, chicken should be your go-to! Alternatively, if your puppy has food sensitivities or allergies, duck is a great alternative that’s also rich in iron.
  • Milky treats — Puppies love milky treats! Our milky sticks are a mix of chicken and milk products, giving pups a dose of calcium for their growing bones and incoming adult teeth.
  • Liver treats — One serving of liver contains 10 to 100 times the nutrients found in a serving of muscle meat! Low calorie and incredibly good for dogs, your puppy will receive protein, iron, B vitamins, vitamin A, CoQ10 and essential fatty acids all in one treat.
  • Healthy treats — As well as tasty, meaty options, we also have high reward puppy treats to give your puppy an extra health boost. From digestive treats to joint care and skin/coat care, your puppy will love snacking on these vitamin-packed, healthy morsels.
  • Pocket treats — If you’re looking for treats to train your puppy on the go, you’ll love our range of pocket treats! Made with real chicken and all-natural ingredients, our pocket treats fit — you guessed it — comfortably in your pocket and the treats are bite-sized to treat your pup at the park, puppy preschool or even at a friend’s place.

We have loads of meats and flavours to choose from to encourage your puppy’s good behaviour and training!

Find delicious puppy reward treats online and shop in-store! Our products are available in supermarkets and pet stores around Australia.