Six Fun Facts about Cats & Kittens

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Sam has two rescue cats, Edgar Allan and Fela Cutie, and is also a foster carer for kittens - a rewarding and very cute hobby! Being a writer for almost 20 years, her favourite subject is cats.

Six Fun Facts about Cats & Kittens

It’s common knowledge that cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt, but did you know they can detect earthquakes and they sweat through their paws? Here are six fun facts about cats to get you marvelling at your feline friend.

They can detect Storms and Earthquakes

I always know when a thunderstorm is about to hit because even before I hear a clap of lightning or rumble of thunder, my cat Edgar has made a beeline for under the bed.

Because cats are highly sensitive to vibrations, they quickly pick up on weather changes (this is also why they get spooked by fireworks).

They are able to detect earthquake tremors before humans can – quite the valuable skill!

They Sweat Through their Paws

Cat paws and their tiny toe beans are not just adorable and photo-worthy, they also serve many functions – one being sweating. When your cat gets hot, they cool down by sweating through their paws. It’s quite a small amount, which is why you may never have seen evidence of it firsthand.

They’re Seasoned Vocalists

You’re not wrong if you’ve noticed your kitty makes different noises depending on what they want. Cats are said to make close to 100 different sounds. That’s of course hard to prove, but next time your cat is communicating with you, take note of what it sounds like!

They have 24 Whiskers

If you’ve got multiple cats, you may be surprised to know that they have the same number of whiskers. Typically cats have 24 whiskers – 12 on the right side of their face, 12 on the left. As whiskers play a crucial sensory role for cats, helping them map their surroundings, this symmetry is important.

Be honest, I bet you've gone to count them!

They are Tigers at Heart

Whether you have a feisty kitten, a seasoned hunter, a cuddly softie or a couch potato cat, they all have a tiger in them. Pet cats were found to share 95.6% of their DNA with tigers, proving that even the most gentle-natured kitty has a wildness to them!

They’re not a Sweet Tooth

Chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs, but your feline friend won’t care about what they’re missing anyway. Cats can’t detect sweetness in food because they don’t have a sweet taste receptor on their tongues. Cats are believed to be the only mammals who don’t, which means they are definitely fans of savoury over sweet.