Dry Adult Dog Food - Chicken

3kg Australian Made. Slow Cooked.

This Australian made, slow cooked chicken recipe has everything your adult dog needs. It's made with real chicken meat and quality ingredients so you know you’re giving them the best. Read on below for more information.

Your adult dog needs a balanced diet that offers all the energy and nutrition they need to keep living an active life by your side. That's why VitaPet has worked with our vets to create this chicken adult dry dog food; nutritionally balanced, tasty dog biscuits made with real ingredients that your fully grown fur baby will be wagging their tail for!

Our Australian made chicken recipe has everything your best fur-friend needs, made with real chicken and quality ingredients, so you know you’re giving them the best.

VitaPet chicken adult dry dog food is slow cooked to give it a unique flavour and deliver the natural goodness of the protein and fats within. This balanced recipe for all breeds and sizes ensures they get a complete and nutritious food every doggie day of the week.

  • Good quality protein helps maintain their strong, lean muscles
  • Fish oil, zinc, and biotin for that healthy, shiny, glossy coat
  • Selenium, vitamin C and E antioxidants which help immunity
  • Yucca extract, to trap ammonia and help reduce odour from your dog’s stools
  • A blend of fibre from vegetables, grains and legumes support your dog’s gut health and healthy stools




VitaPet Adult Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Adult Maintenance.

Chicken meal, oats, field peas, barley, chicken fat, chickpeas, faba beans, natural chicken flavour, essential vitamins, minerals & amino acids (see table), fish oil, sweet potato, beet pulp, natural antioxidants, Yucca schidigera extract


Added Essential Vitamins Added Essential Minerals Added Essential Amino Acids
Choline Potassium DL-Methionine
Vitamin E Chloride Tryptophan
Vitamin C Zinc  
Pantothenic Acid Iron  
Niacin Copper  
Riboflavin Manganese  
Thiamine Iodine  
Vitamin A Selenium  
Vitamin B6    
Folic Acid    
Vitamin B12    
Vitamin D    


*not recognised as an essential nutrient in the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Crude Protein 27% (min.)
Fat 14% (min.)
Crude Fibre 6% (max.)
Moisture (max) 10% (max.)
Calcium (Ca) 1.1% (min.)
Phosphorus (P) 1% (min.)
Calorie Content (Calculated) 3,550 kcal ME/kg


Typical Ash = 6-7%

Feeding quantities may vary by breed, age, activity level, body condition and neutering status, so the following is a guide only and climate, so the following information is a guide only. Adjust to suit your dog's needs. 

  Less Active Dogs Active Dogs
Current Weight (kg) Grams per Day
Up to 2 44 50
2 - 5 44 - 88 50 - 102
5 - 10 88 - 148 102 - 170
10 - 15 148 - 200 170 - 232
15 - 25 200 - 294 232 - 340
25 - 35 294 - 380 340 - 438
35 - 45 380 - 450 438 - 518
45 - 55 450 - 520 518 - 598
55 - 65 520 - 590 598 - 678


  • *Less active = 1 hour/day or less of on-lead walking
  • Active = More than 1 hour/day of on-lead walking

Important Feeding Information

  • 1 metric cup (250ml) = approximately 125g of kibble.
  • Make sure fresh water, in a clean bowl, is available at all times.

Daily feeding calculator

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50
  • 60
Do you consider your dog to be
Active or Less Active?

How much Dry Adult Dog Food - Chicken
should I feed my dog?

Per day
Cost per day
RRP for a 0kg bag*
Weighing your pet's daily portion is best, and where possible adjust their feeding according to any changes in weight or activity levels.
If you're using a cup measure, then 1 metric cup = approximately 125g of kibble.

* RRP based on the standard retail price.

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Chicken Adult Dog Food

Good quality protein helps maintain their strong, lean muscles.