Ready. Pet. Go.


  • Ready to grab the lead.
  • To join the mischief.
  • Ready for the goofy grins. The sassy looks.
  • The lost balls in overgrown gardens.
  • The bed hogging, chair scratching, pillow destroying.
  • Ready to open the door, after a long day, to pure unleashed joy!
  • Ready to hit the street, the park, the water, the car, that power pole ...that stranger's leg!!!

Or just ready to curl up on the sunny part of the couch, forget life for a minute, and just be with your bestie.



If you're ready for the good times, the messy times, and the down right 'you didn't' times... We're ready too. At VitaPet, we're here to help all you pet parents with better choices, made easy, so you can... feel alive, feel better, feel loved or feel just human again.

So what are you waiting for. Let's... Ready. Pet. Go.

Joint Care

Supporting Joint Health

Joint care treats for your dog, with added natural oils that support joint health. To help enjoy more walks & play.

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Is your pet the cutest?

Enter Pet of the Month!

Upload a photo of your cute, funny, naughtiest pet, and you could win a basket of VitaPet goodies.

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Supporting everyday digestive health.

Real chicken with added prebiotics and healthy oils, which help support your dog's digestive system and stomach health.

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Perfect for Puppy

Nothing says good boy or girl like a VitaPet Treat.

Our new Pocket Trainers & Rewards are ideal for puppy toilet & crate training.
The Soft Chicken tender are perfect for younger or older dogs that might struggle with harder treats.


Boredom Breaker

VitaPet Chewz Rabbit Ears will keep them occupied. Ideal for both puppies and smaller dogs.

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