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Don’t just watch them grow. Help them do it.


Don’t just watch them grow. Help them do it.


We have a specialised range of products that are especially kind to little kitten mouths and paws, and lots of advice to make sure they are happy and content in your loving care!

Kitten Range

They give you love, cuddles, and sure, a bite every now and then. And with our range of kitten products, you can give them everything they need, too.

Vitapet Central

How to Stop Cats from Scratching Furniture

Scratching is a natural and healthy behaviour for your cat, so here's how to stop cats from scratching the furniture - in lieu of something else.

Travelling with a Cat

Planning a trip away and your cat gets to join you? Some tips for travelling with your cat, for both car travel and plane.

Kitten Vaccination Schedule

This simple kitten vaccination schedule will ensure that your kitten is protected from infectious diseases right up until adulthood.