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All Puppy Treats

Our tasty puppy treats make training and tricks more rewarding!

Puppies are energetic balls of fluff. Every day, you get to watch them scramble around the house, excitedly ask for scratches and belly rubs and finally, crash in a heap for their fourth, fifth or even sixth nap of the day. With this level of energy, training and puppy preschool can be a real challenge for first-time dog owners — how do you keep their attention long enough to learn essential skills?

The answer: puppy treats from VitaPet! With our tasty puppy training treats in your hands, you can create a reward system that your puppy will learn to recognise: when they do something good, they get a yummy treat! Plus, our puppy treats are soft and chewy for those baby teeth, so they can comfortably chew without doing any damage.

Browse through our collection of delicious puppy treats and find us in-store today! You can find us in supermarkets across New Zealand.

Our puppy training treats are packed with all-natural ingredients to help your little one grow

Here at VitaPet, we want to see your puppy grow up big and strong, which is why our puppy dog training treats are made from 100% genuine meat! From chicken to duck, rabbit and salmon, your puppy will get a health boost from one seriously tasty snack. Here’s a quick guide to some of the benefits of the ingredients we use in our puppy treats:

  • Chicken Chicken is an amazing source of protein for puppies and dogs! It’s rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, amino acids and helps to build lean muscle mass so your puppy can grow up to be strong, healthy and full of that puppy-like energy.
  • Duck — A lean, easy to digest protein source, duck is packed with amino acids to support strong muscles. Plus, duck is recommended for puppies and dogs with food sensitivities or allergies — it’s not the most common pet food on the shelf, so it’s unlikely that your puppy will be allergic to our duck treats!
  • Salmon — Salmon is a very nutritious source of protein for dogs and puppies alike! High in Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon will have your puppy’s coat looking silky and smooth for years to come.
  • Rabbit — Rabbit meat is naturally packed with nutrients including vitamin B12 which plays a role in your puppy’s nervous system. It can also help support normal cell growth for a happy, healthy dog.

So when you’re training your brand new puppy to be a good boy or girl, you can rest assured knowing VitaPet puppy treats are the best on the market. Genuine meats, all-natural ingredients and a drool-worthy flavour — your puppy will be scratching at the door to head out in the world and continue training!

We make some of the best puppy training treats available! Find our products at your local supermarket — right across New Zealand!