Dog Flea Treatments

Flea Treatments for Dogs

Flea Treatments for Dogs

Protect your furry friend’s health with our premium flea treatments for dogs

One of the most important parts of being a dog parent is looking after them and eliminating the risk of illness.

The good news is that we produce some of the most effective flea treatments for dogs, from the smallest of puppies to the biggest of boys. Our flea treatments for dogs will protect against disease so your dog will always feel like themselves — fetching sticks, demanding cuddles and begging for human food at dinner time.

Shop some of the best flea treatments for dogs in NZ with VitaPet! Browse through our collection online and find us in-store. Our products are available in pet stores across New Zealand.

Our flea treatment for dogs

For pups both big and small, we offer flea treatments for dogs to keep them free of creepy crawlies — as well as their environment. Our main ingredient is Imidacloprid, a plant-based insecticide that’s used to control sucking insects like fleas. Imidacloprid is so effective that it can start to kill fleas within one hour and 97% of fleas within four hours!

Just apply the treatment to the back of your dog’s neck underneath the collar so they can’t groom it away and soon enough, your dog will be itch-free and safe to wander around the house.

Here’s a quick guide to our flea treatments for dogs based on their size:

This flea treatment for dogs is made for a monthly application so you can keep on top of fleas and their larvae. Find the ideal treatment for your dog online and shop in-store!

Flea shampoos, powders & combs

Sometimes, fleas need a little extra encouragement to vacate the premises (i.e. your dog and your home). While your monthly flea treatment should keep fleas and their larvae at bay, the warmer months can send fleas into overdrive — that’s when flea powder, flea shampoo and combs will come into play.

Flea powder is great for dogs who really don’t like a bath. All you need to do is sprinkle the powder onto their coat and comb it into their fur. Make sure the powder gets to the root of your dog’s fur and after around two or three hours, give them another brush. On darker haired dogs, grab a damp cloth and give them a wipe down to remove any excess powder.

We also recommend sprinkling some powder into their bedding and their kennel where fleas like to breed — this will help prevent reinfestation.

For dogs who like to splash around in the bathtub (or under the hose), we recommend our super-effective flea and tick shampoo. Just wet your dog’s coat and massage the shampoo into their fur until their entire body is covered. After the shampoo has done it's job, it is time to rinse and dry your dog's skin and coat.

We also recommend sprinkling some flea powder into their bedding and their kennel where fleas like to breed — this will help prevent reinfestation.

Next step: flea bombs.

Flea bombs

Fleas are quick to reproduce and spread, so it’s no wonder many Australian and New Zealand homes get overcome with these pests! When fleas take over your home, it’s time for a flea bomb —you'll need to vacate your home for at least one hour after setting off our flea bomb, so take your dog out for a walk and get him a puppacino at the local cafe.

Here’s a quick guide on how to effectively set off a Vitapet flea bomb and send fleas and their larvae running for the hills.

  1. Vacuum the carpet before letting off a flea bomb and don’t vacuum for five days afterwards to ensure the treatment is absorbed into the carpet. We also recommend spraying the inside of the vacuum cleaner bag with an insect spray and disposing of the contents.
  2. Remove fish tanks or cover them tightly and turn off the filter pump. Cover all food and utensils and remove pets from the indoors.
  3. Close all windows and exterior doors, but open all interior doors so multiple rooms can be treated at once. While you’re at it, spread out furniture, bedding and cushions your pet loves to lie on. Lift bed covers off the floor that might stop the mist from reaching places where fleas like to hide.
  4. Shake the can before use and place the flea bomb on a raised surface (e.g. a table or chair) with newspaper underneath. Aim for the centre of the room for maximum exposure.
  5. Point the can away from your face and press down the activator tab until it locks. Then, set the can in an upright position and head out of the house for at least one hour.
  6. When you get home, open all the doors and windows to ventilate the area for 30 minutes (perfect opportunity for a game of fetch in the backyard). We recommend coming home within one to four hours after the flea bomb has been let off because floor vibrations from footsteps and the pitter-patter of dog paws will cause larvae to hatch and be exposed to the insecticide.

It’s important to note that one of our flea bombs will treat one or two rooms on average. For an average-sized home, we recommend investing in four cans and letting them off throughout the house, or six cans for a larger home.

FAQs about flea treatments for dogs

How often do I need to give my dog topical flea treatments?

As a rule, you should flea your dog once a month. Our topical flea treatments for dogs come in packs of three, so you don’t need to pick up flea treatments so often!

How long does flea powder last?

Flea powder should keep your pet and your home free from fleas for 14 - 30 days (treatment is required weekly in the warmer months for extra effectiveness). However, it should realistically kill flea eggs, larvae and pupae for up to one year (it’s all about the fleas your dog brings into the home after powder and flea bombs).

What else can I do to protect my dog against fleas?

As a pet mum or dad, you naturally want to do everything you can to prevent itchiness and disease caused by fleas. With this in mind, we recommend completing regular flea checks — check your dog’s ears, armpits and skin for ticks or fleas and treat as necessary i.e. spot on treatments.

We also recommend grooming your dog regularly so you can bond with your dog, give them scratchies, keep their coat silky and smooth, and check for parasites all at the same time.

Another tip: keep a well-maintained yard. Fleas like warm, moist, shady areas with lots of organic debris, so make sure to mow your lawn regularly and rake up dead leaves to give fleas fewer places to hide.

Check out our flea treatments for dogs online and find us in-store! Our products are available in pet stores across New Zealand.