All Dog Treats

All Dog Treats

All Dog Treats

Who’s a good dog? Your dog! Give your best friend some drool-worthy dog treats from VitaPet

Has your dog been a very good boy or girl? Reward them for being on their best behaviour or for learning a new trick with one of our delicious dog treats! Made from real meat and other all-natural ingredients, our sticks, strips, tenders and biscuits will have your dog literally jumping for joy. 

While our dog treats are totally tasty, they also come with a huge range of other benefits for your furry little buddy — some are designed to support your dog’s digestive health while others are good for their teeth, joints, skin and ever-shiny coat. While your dog is snacking away, they’ll be none-the-wiser that they’re getting a much-needed health boost, too.

Browse through our collection of doggie treats and find us in-store today! You can find our products in supermarkets across New Zealand.

What goes into our delicious doggie treats?

As a dog owner, you want to make sure your pet is eating the best of the best ingredients — and we do, too, which is why our dog treats are made from 100% real meat! You won’t find artificial preservatives or flavours in our treats — just all-natural, protein-packed meat and ingredients.

  • Tuna — High in Omega-3 fatty acids for a shiny, silky coat, your dog will love snacking on this fishy ingredient! Packed with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, tuna is an excellent source of protein for your dog.
  • Lamb — Lamb is perfect for dogs that suffer from developed allergies like chicken and beef. Dogs aren’t exposed to lamb all that often so your dog can munch on some lamb treats to their heart’s content — it’s less likely to cause any allergies. Plus, lamb has just the right amount of healthy fats to keep your dog fit and healthy.
  • Chicken — If your dog is on a diet, our chicken treats will make your dog’s day! Chicken is one of the leanest meats you can give your dog — it will give your dog the protein they need without the big calorie count.
  • Duck — Duck is amazingly rich in iron and gives your dog a lean, easy-to-digest source of protein. Plus, duck is packed with amino acids to help support your dog’s muscles.
  • Rabbit — Rabbit meat is a great source of vitamin B12 which plays a role in the nervous system. It can even help support normal cell growth!
  • Salmon — Like tuna, salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to keep your dog’s coat looking silky smooth. Salmon also supports your dog’s joint health and best of all, it tastes good, too!
  • Rawhide — If your pup likes an extra chewy treat, they’ll love our rawhide treats! Super chewy and tasty, your dog can help clean their own teeth and savouring extra flavours like beef or chicken.

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