Dog Treats for Rewarding

Dog Treats for Rewarding

Dog Treats for Rewarding

Your little buddy will know “who’s been a good dog?” with our high-value dog treats!

Training is a big part of growing up for your dog. Whether you’re teaching them to “sit”, “stay”, “rollover” or “shake”, they’ll be spending a lot of time following commands and being a good dog! For a dog that’s just starting to learn new tricks, training is a two-way street — you scratch my ears, I’ll scratch yours — so we recommend stocking up on high-value dog treats to give your pup a little incentive to keep learning and keep improving!

Our high-value dog treats are packed with all-natural ingredients and no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours, so your dog will be fetching the treat sachet to start training every single day! Chewy, meaty and 100% tasty, daily training will be a treat for both you and your dog.

Browse through our collection of high reward dog treats and find us in-store today! Our treats are available in supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

Loads of yummy high-value dog training treats to reward your dog’s good behaviour

If your dog has been nailing their training for an upcoming dog show, following commands or has just been a good boy/girl at the vet's, you’ll want to reward their exceptional behaviour! At VitaPet, we make some of the tastiest treats available on the market — chicken, tuna, duck, salmon, you name it! We have your doggo’s favourite treats available in supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

Beyond the drool-worthy taste, our high-value dog training treats and their ingredients come with a huge range of health benefits for your little buddy.

  • Tuna and salmon treats — Tuna and salmon are packed with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals including Omega-3 fatty acids, naturally designed to support a silky, shiny and smooth coat. Plus, your dog will love the fishy flavour, so training will be a breeze.
  • Chicken treats — If your doggo is on a diet, chicken is the go-to treat for them! Chicken is high in protein and low in calories, so you can control your dog’s calorie count while still giving them a mouth-watering treat.
  • Duck treats — It’s not the most common ingredient you’ll find on pet store shelves but that’s why duck is great for dogs who have food allergies and sensitivities. Lean, easy-to-digest and filled with amino acids to support strong muscles, your dog will love this healthy, low-calorie treat.
  • Milky treats — If your pup loves a milky, creamy treat, they’ll love our VitaPet Milky Sticks! Made with chicken and milk products, these treats can be broken apart to control your dog’s calorie intake and make one treat go a long way. Your doggo will rollover in an instant for one of these milky, delicious treats.
  • Health boosters — While all of our high reward dog treats are packed with real meat and all-natural ingredients, we have some extra healthy options available for joint care, digestive health, and skin and coat care! Your doggo can chew on a tasty, meaty treat and you can rest assured knowing their health is getting a boost at the same time.

Find your dog’s favourite high reward dog treats in-store! Our products are available in most supermarkets across New Zealand.