Home and Garden Animal Repellent

500ml Home & Garden Protection

A convenient home & garden pet repellent spray to protect your home (furniture, drapes, pot plants etc) as well as outdoor areas (fences, gardens, rubbish bins).

A convenient spray to protect your home and garden from mischievous pets. This home and garden repellent spray will not harm plants.

Outdoor uses: To repel dogs & cats from fences, driveaways, rubbish bags, buildings etc. Also suitable for vegetables, shrubs & flower gardens.

Indoor uses: Trains pets to keep off furniture, drapes, pot plants etc. Prevents animals consistently fouling certain areas of the house, ie. corners, under beds etc.

Directions Outdoors: 

1. Remove urine and droppings from the effected area and hose thoroughly.

2. Shake the bottle well and spray around the areas causing concern.

3. Repeat every 12 hours for 3-4 days, by then the habit should be broken.

Directions Indoors:

Repellent may be sprayed directly onto areas where required, but first try it on a small area to check if staining will occur. If in doubt, spray onto a clean cloth and place in or near the area to be treated.

VP117 Repellant Spray 500Ml Front 1600X1480

Home & Garden Animal Repellent

Repels Pets from Gardens & Household Areas