Who's taking care of who?

  • Ready to grab the lead. To join the mischief.
  • Ready for the goofy grins. The sassy looks.
  • The bed hogging, chair scratching, pillow destroying.
  • Ready to open the door, after a long day, to pure unleashed joy!

Or just ready to curl up on the sunny part of the couch, forget life for a minute, and just be with your bestie.



If you're ready for the good times, the messy times, and the down right 'you didn't' times... We're ready too. At VitaPet, we're here to help all you pet parents with better choices, made easy, so you can... feel alive, feel better, feel loved or feel just human again.

So what are you waiting for. Let's... Ready. Pet. Go.

Flea Treatments for Cats

It’s easy to tell when your cat is uncomfortable. Use flea prevention and treatments that help your furry friend feel like themselves again. Cat napping has never been so comfy.

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Flea Treatments for Dogs

VitaPet have some of the most effective flea treatments for dogs, from the smallest of puppies to the biggest of boys. These flea treatments help prevent and control fleas.

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More about Flea Treatment & Prevention

VitaPet Vet, Dr Lauren Bleaken, talks about a scratchy subject – fleas and how to keep your pets and home free of them.

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