Looking for puppy treats for training or to keep them entertained while you go out?

Learning a new trick, completing a command or rewarding their best behaviour? These are all moments when your buddy is worthy of a little treat or snack. Using only REAL MEAT, our small, stick, strip and tender puppy treats are perfect for rewarding, training or indulging your new puppy.

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Pocket Trainers - Puppy Treats

Pocket Trainers

These handcrafted bite sized puppy treats are made with real chicken and blended with sweet potato and blueberries. These small puppy treats are ideal for training and reinforcing consistent behaviour in proper training sessions as well as on the go.

With only natural nutrients and antioxidants these puppy treats are suitable for puppies of all breeds and sizes - as well as adult dogs.

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Pocket Rewards - Puppy Treats

Pocket Rewards

Puppy treats that are made with real chicken as the first ingredient. They're blended with spinach and carrots to make a healthy puppy treat as they contain only natural nutrients and antioxidants.

These bone shaped treats are suitable for pawfect puppy training and rewarding and the slightly larger size makes them even more perfect for larger puppies.

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Milky Sticks - Puppy Treats

Milky Sticks

These puppy treats are made with real chicken and are high in calcium - perfect for treating growing puppies. These handy sticks are perfect for using whole as a treat or for breaking apart for puppy training.

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Soft Chicken Tenders - Puppy Treats

Soft Chicken Tenders

We take a real chicken tenderloin and slice it thinly to create these soft chicken tenders - a perfect puppy treat to keep them occupied. You can also break them into pieces for perfect training sized puppy treats.

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Chicken Sticks Puppy Treats

Chicken Sticks

These chicken stick puppy treats are made with real chicken and no artificial flavours or preservatives. The stick format is easy to break apart to make small puppy treats that are perfect for training.

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Liver Sticks Puppy Treats

Liver Sticks

Puppy treats with no artificial flavours or preservatives in a handy stick format. Made from real chicken meat with chicken liver to make a puppy treat with a delicious flavour that they'll do anything for.

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