Kitty Litter - What Are The Options?

Kitty Litter - What Are The Options?

Which kitty litter is best for my cat, and me?

While checking out the latest pet products, you might have noticed the increasing number of options for kitty litters including a recent focus on that buzzword of modern times – natural. In the past, cat owners may have discounted natural litters because they lacked some of the benefits of other less natural varieties, such as odour control and clumping ability. But nowadays, improvements in technology have resulted in more environmentally friendly formulas which deliver similar benefits to traditional litters, meaning you won’t be missing out by taking the natural route.

Kitty litter is something that cat owners can go through a lot of, so it’s good to be informed about what’s out there.

Clean Up

Clumping-type litters are often preferred by owners who appreciate simple, mess-free clean up. Many natural litters, including those made with corn, wheat, soybeans and clay, also offer this benefit. Other low-mess options with good flushability and low dust production are also readily available among the natural litter options.


Natural litters are often biodegradable, made from sustainable resources. Many are even able to be composted.


One of the big benefits that most natural litters offer is that they are safe for kitty consumption – though you should still discourage your cat from doing this. While the issue is more common with kittens, some older cats might also lick the litter up while grooming their paws. If you do have a cat or kitten that consumes litter, consider a natural litter.

Odour Control

Many natural litters take advantage of the natural odour-absorbing properties of the materials and include odour-minimising ingredients like baking soda. These can be a great alternative to chemical masking scents, which can be irritating to some cats.

Fussy Cats

Some cats are fussier than others, and their preferences can extend to the type of litter they will or won’t do their business on. Luckily, with the range of litters available, you can find one that suits your precious kitty, from pellets to sand, and large or small granules.


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