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WormAway Worming Tablets for Dogs and Puppies

Pack of 6 Tablets

For control of roundworm and hookworm

Puppies are usually born with roundworms. They acquire them from their mother before birth. Worming the mother before mating and during pregnancy reduces roundworm infections in puppies.

Dogs can pick up the microscopic roundworm eggs by licking infected ground. The roundworm eggs are swallowed and develop in the intestines of the dog into larvae, or microscopic immature worms.

These immature worms migrate through the bloodstream to the lungs where they can be coughed up and reswallowed. The larvae grow to maturity in the stomach and intestines where they produce eggs and repeat the cycle. The adult worms may be noticed when the dog vomits, or are passed out in the faeces.

Signs in puppies - the puppy may look generally unwell. symptoms can include coughing, irregularity of the bowel movements, vomiting, pot-belly and diarrhoea. The worms are whitish or pinkish brown colour. Although roundworms cannot complete their life cycle in humans, ingested eggs can causes serious conditions in children. Always clear grounds of faeces and use strict hygiene.

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