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Good Cat Breeds for Kids

Kids and cats – what can be cuter? Whether you’re looking for a kitten or an older cat to bring into your family, you’re sure to want a pet who is gentle, loving and playful.

Here’s what to look out for when searching for the best cats for kids.

Pinpoint What you Want

Do you want an energetic kitty, such as a Siamese, that will love to play, or a calmer cat, like a Ragdoll, who is happy to be petted as it dozes? How about a smoochy cat who loves to cuddle, or one who is always by your side? Also think about maintenance – you might love the look of long-haired breeds, but do you have the time for regular grooming?

Looking for Certain Breeds

Family-friendly cat breeds are generally considered to include the Ragdoll, Birman, Himalayan and Maine Coon. These cats are known for their calm natures, sleepy dispositions and sweet personalities. They do require grooming though, so you’ll need to get into a routine to keep them looking their best.
Short-haired breeds such as Abyssinian, Burmese and Siamese can also be great for families as they are very clever, social and playful. If you want an affectionate but independent cat, Russian Blues might be your cat breed.

Rescued is my Favourite Breed

While there’s a lot of focus on personality traits within certain breeds, don’t forget that they are not mutually exclusive to types of cats.

Your street tom or domestic moggie can be as sweet, playful and beautiful as a cat from a particular breed, so don’t discount a cat that doesn’t come with a pedigree.

Both of my cats, a chunky and fluffy ginger boy with the sweetest nature, and a sleek girl cat with round eyes and an exotic striped pattern, were rescued and are loving members of our family.

The benefits of Older Cats

As adorable as little kids and kittens are together, there are lots of reasons why you should opt for an older cat. Not only can cats tolerate the affection of kids better than small kittens (who are defenseless when it comes to being cuddled or roughly played with), you also know what you are getting personality-wise with an older cat. And having already lived out their chaotic kitten energy, cats can be a calming influence on small kids.

Regardless of breed, by knowing what type of pet you’re after and choosing the animal you bond with, you’re bound to have picked the best cat for your family.


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