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Cat Playing vs Fighting

How can you tell if your cats are playing or fighting? Here’s how cat lover Sam Allemann decides.

How to Introduce your Cat to a New Cat

Some tips from a cat owner, on the best way to introduce cats to each other.

Tips for Bringing Home a New Kitten

Tips for bringing home and settling in your new kitten.

How to Give your Pet a Pill

Pill-taking can be very stressful for both pets and their owners.

VitaPet Vet - Cat and Kitten Toileting

Cats can be funny creatures in terms of their toileting habits. Learn more in this video.

Welcoming a New Kitten into your Home

See what Dr Lauren Bleaken says about welcoming a new kitten into your home.

What are the benefits of having a pet?

How does having a furry friend manage to give us such a boost?

How to Train a Cat

Believe it or not, cats can actually be trained.