Tips for happy pets while working from home

Tips for happy pets while working from home

Everyone loves spending time with our pets, but even the most empathetic pet parent can find themselves struggling to give their best mate the attention they deserve or request when you're working from home. To help you keep your four-legged friend entertained while you work, we’ve put together five useful tips.

1. Try to maintain your normal routine

Although the lack of commuting to work makes it tempting to stay in bed a little longer in the mornings or catch reruns of your favourite TV shows straight after work, you should do your best to maintain your pet’s usual routine.

Most of our pets are creatures of habit, so a swift change in their day-to-day could cause them unrest. Sticking to a routine means they are more likely to relax throughout the day and, in turn, you’ll be more likely to be able to focus on the task at hand during work hours.

2. Schedule some down-time with your pets

When working in solitude without your colleagues or a supervisor around, it’s easy to forget to take proper breaks or step away from the computer. Scheduling some downtime each day to play with them or go for a walk allows both you and your pet to blow off some steam and have fun together.

3. Long-lasting chew toys

One good thing about working from home is that you can stay close and keep an eye on your pet during the day. This means now might be a good time to invest in some longer lasting, healthy chew toys. There are many designs, materials & durabilities available to keep them occupied, and being at home enables you to watch over your dog as they put them through their paces. You might also like to try different playthings for your cat – exploring toy novelties can be a great source of entertainment for both of you.

4. Food puzzles

Games and puzzles that involve food and treats might also be a good way to keep your pet entertained during your working hours. Make sure to choose a more natural treat, alongside their balanced everyday meal, to ensure your pet still gets all the nutrients it needs. Your local pet store will hold a variety of toys specially designed to provide hours of mental and physical stimulation as your pet is hard at work retrieving a delicious reward.

5. Get creative

If your pet seems to me more energetic now you’re working from home, why not get a little creative? You could invent games like hiding their favourite toys or dinner biscuits around the house and yard. You could also create new hidey holes out of boxes or alleviate boredom by teaching them a new trick. There are hours of entertainment to be had!

While working from home, you don’t have to choose between being productive at work and with spending quality time with your pet. With a little planning and preparation, you can keep your pet happy, healthy and entertained while you work to bring home the kibble.