Dog Training Tips

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A collection of step-by-step guides by experienced trainers to help you build a strong and respectful relationship with your furry friend.


Basic Manners Training for your Puppy

Presented by dog trainer Shelley and supported by Lilly, the bubbly, easily distracted but beautiful Beagle. Lilly is 8 months old and will do just about anything for some VitaPet Milky Sticks!

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Teaching your Puppy Some Fun Tricks

Dog trainer Shelley shows the basics to teaching your puppy some of the most popular tricks. Find out why Lilly responds to certain actions, and you might even be able to teach your own tricks.

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Basic Manners Training for your Adult Dog

Presented by Shelley and supported by Jedda. Jedda is 9 years old and will do just about anything for some VitaPet Chicken Sticks! Basic manners, or commands like sit and stay, are essential for your dog's confidence - as well as socialising with other dogs (and people!)

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Teaching your Adult Dog Fun Tricks

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Learn from Shelley the basics for teaching your dog some fun tricks, so you can try them at home.

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Crate Training your Puppy

What is crate training? What are the benefits of crate training? How do you do it?

In this two-minute video, you will see how quickly and easy it is for you to train your puppy to stay in their space, where they can safely play and sleep without supervision.

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Toilet Training your Puppy

Toilet training while young will save you a lifetime of replacing rugs and cleaning up after them indoors.

Follow our 5 steps for puppy toilet training success in this quick two-minute video.

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Toilet Training your Adult Dog

Have you ever been to a house where the dog wasn’t toilet trained properly? Don’t let that be your house.

Follow our 3-step guide so you can master dog toilet training. This is a perfect place to start if you’ve adopted a dog recently.

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Crate Training your Adult Dog

Have you just adopted a dog and have heard about crate training? Crate training can be done at any age, and something you can easily achieve in your home. Our three minute video will help you get started today.

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Socialising your Puppy

What is socialisation and how do you do it? Think of the best mannered dog you know, that dog was well “socialised”.

Here Dr Kersti explains both habituation & socialisation, don’t miss this critically important part of your puppy’s development that will shape them for the rest of their life.

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Dog Behaviour Training

Does your dog have a behavioural problem, or problem behaviour? How do you know? If you’re concerned about some of the traits your dog is showing, begin with this video so you know you’re on the right path to correct your dog’s behaviour and bring them back into balance.

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