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How old is your dog?

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What’s better than puppies? That’s right: your own puppy. So, what do you need to know before you take the plunge into pet parenthood?

0-2 months
0-2 months preview image

0-2 months

Welcome to the world little one. It’s all grow-grow-grow for your puppy right now, so there’s many things to prepare.

2-3 months
2-3 months preview image

2-3 months

Your puppy is ready to come home and turn your world upside down. It’s time to put your preparation into practice – and remember to take it all in!

3-6 months
3-6 months preview image

3-6 months

You’re entering a period of immense growth, lots of learning and new adventures. Bring on the play date with the big wide world!

6-12 months
6-12 months preview image

6-12 months

Your fur-baby is nearing adulthood. Can you see their grown self coming through? Sigh…they grow up so fast, don’t they?

12-18 months
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12-18 months

Your puppy has turned one and they might not be so little anymore. Make sure to book their first annual check-up.

18 months - 3 years
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18 months - 3 years

Your dog is one an established family member now. Enjoy who they have become and the bond you now share at this special stage.

3 - 8 years
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3 - 8 years

Your dog is a full-grown adult now. They understand where their place is in your home and the wider world.

8+ years
8+ years preview image

8+ years

Just like many senior citizens, senior dogs have some extra needs. Learn to look after your best friend and support their health as they grow older.

Inside or Outside Dog?

Inside or Outside Dog?

It used to be that dogs would live outside with their kennel, bed and bowl, but these days more dogs are being kept inside. If you're a new dog owner and wondering if you should keep your dog inside or outside, there are some things to consider.

1. Breed and size of your dog

Some breeds are built for inside whereas others are best suited to stay outside.

I live in an apartment, so did my research to make sure I was getting a breed that was comfortable being inside an apartment a lot.

The size of the dog you have is also important, although some breeds can be deceiving. I know multiple people who have labradors or greyhounds in apartments, but at the same time, I grew up with our silky terrier living outside.

2. Your personal habits

If you like your house to be pristine clean at all times, you might want to opt to keep your dog outside. You can keep your home clean with a dog, but there is still going to be a mess at some point, and you need to make sure you're ok with it.

The other consideration when it comes to your habits is how often can you walk your dog or give it the option to get out to pee.

I have friends who utilise have dog walkers to help exercise their dog when they aren't able to get home early or have plans after work.

3. What space is available

The most significant consideration is the space you have. If like me you live in an apartment with a small balcony you're likely to keep your dog inside. I know people with an acreage who believe dogs belong outside period, so have built their dogs a pen that still gives them space to run but keeps them contained as well.

4. Either way, you need to train your dog

Whether you choose to keep your dog inside or outside, you need to make sure you train them to suit their living arrangements.

Toilet training - If you keep them inside you need to train them to go inside on a toilet, I have a real grass toilet in my apartment. The other option is to use a doggie door, so your dog can access outside when needed. For outside dogs, it's still worth teaching them good toilet habits.

Good greetings - This works for both inside and outside dogs, making sure your dog knows how to greet guests is a must.

General behaviour - If your dog lives outside, you need to make sure they don’t try to escape or dig up your yard. For an inside dog, you have to make sure they aren't chewing up the house or barking at every noise or movement.

The only person who can answer the question "should I keep my dog inside or outside" is you.

It comes down to personal preference, personal circumstances and the dog you have.


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