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All the best things for our best friends.


All the best things for our best friends.


Can we ever match the amount of love our dogs have for us? Judging by how they greet us every single day, it’s a tough job. But through our tasty treats and expert advice, we’re working tirelessly to show them how much we love them. After all, they’d do the same for us.

Our Dog Range

It’s impossible to quantify how much you love your dog. But with all the treats, food, health, and grooming things in our range, showing it is easy.

Vitapet Central

Not everyone speaks meow or woof, but our pet experts come closer to most!

Dog Friendly Cupcake Recipe - Halloween Puppy Fun

This dog-friendly cupcake recipe for Halloween will have your pup howling with excitement!

Dog Desexing

Benefits of desexing far outweigh the risks but the right timing is important. Apart from reducing the number of unwanted puppies, the benefits of desexing range from avoiding certain behavioural traits to medical problems later in life.

Dogs and Chocolate

It is widely know that chocolate can be harmful for dogs. Learn about why and what to do about it.