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How old is your dog?

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What’s better than puppies? That’s right: your own puppy. So, what do you need to know before you take the plunge into pet parenthood?

0-2 months
0-2 months preview image

0-2 months

Welcome to the world little one. It’s all grow-grow-grow for your puppy right now, so there’s many things to prepare.

2-3 months
2-3 months preview image

2-3 months

Your puppy is ready to come home and turn your world upside down. It’s time to put your preparation into practice – and remember to take it all in!

3-6 months
3-6 months preview image

3-6 months

You’re entering a period of immense growth, lots of learning and new adventures. Bring on the play date with the big wide world!

6-12 months
6-12 months preview image

6-12 months

Your fur-baby is nearing adulthood. Can you see their grown self coming through? Sigh…they grow up so fast, don’t they?

12-18 months
12-18 months preview image

12-18 months

Your puppy has turned one and they might not be so little anymore. Make sure to book their first annual check-up.

18 months - 3 years
18 months - 3 years preview image

18 months - 3 years

Your dog is one an established family member now. Enjoy who they have become and the bond you now share at this special stage.

3 - 8 years
3 - 8 years preview image

3 - 8 years

Your dog is a full-grown adult now. They understand where their place is in your home and the wider world.

8+ years
8+ years preview image

8+ years

Just like many senior citizens, senior dogs have some extra needs. Learn to look after your best friend and support their health as they grow older.

How I Keep my Dog's Health in Check

Keeping your pup healthy is one of the most important jobs you have as a pet parent. As a pet parent myself, I have a few things I do to make sure I stay on top of my dog's health.

Pet Insurance

I received three months of free pet insurance when I got my puppy. In that time, he had an ear infection. I was able to claim the cost of any treatment and vet visits which convinced me to keep the pet insurance.

I have used my pet insurance a few times since then with an unexpected illness and visits to the vet to help determine allergies.

For me, pet insurance is about peace of mind and knowing that I'm covered financially.
General Health and Wellbeing

Keeping my pup healthy can be expensive, besides such as their yearly vaccinations and the occasional illness. On top of this, there might be other vaccines you need to consider if diseases like Leptospirosis pop up.

I live in an area that is known as a high-risk area for ticks. Which means staying on top of flea and tick treatments is non-negotiable. I use a reminder on my phone to make sure I keep it up to date. I usually give an all wormer at the same time. My dog gets a yearly heartworm shot at the vet with his vaccinations.

Including supplements in my dog's food is another way I try to keep him healthy. I also have a pet first aid kit to help look after my pup when accidents happen.

Knowing your Pup

The most important part of looking after your pup's health is knowing them so well that you'll notice any change.

I'll notice if my dog isn't quite himself, which will trigger me being more watchful.

Your vet will usually be happy to chat with you over the phone. I noticed my pup had changed after he started taking medication to help with his allergies. A quick call with our vet helped calm me down, and she suggested dropping his dosage, which I didn't know I could do safely. Noticing this change helped me better care for my pup.

We love our pets like they are family which is why staying on top of their health is so important.

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